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Woman showing off her designer eyewear


The process of finding the perfect frame will never be easier and more enjoyable with our experts at your disposal. Book an appointment and browse our stunning range of frames.


We offer a fantastic selection of eyewear with designs from brands like Gucci, Tom Ford and Mont Blanc as well as an excellent range of affordable options.


Our consultations work by a blend of professional expertise and personalised service – our team have a wealth of experience in eyewear styling and will always consider your needs and lifestyle when offering their recommendations. 


We believe in finding the right eyewear for each customer so that everyone ends up satisfied with their choice.


Our selection is varied in styles to suit a variety of face shapes and complexions. We also offer eyewear specifically for different sports and activities.


Feel free to ask about specific requests and we’ll always work hard to accommodate you.  

Woman wearing designer sunglasses


Our selection of prescription sunglasses incorporates the latest materials and designs to give you an exceptional outdoor look without sacrificing optimal vision.


Protecting your eyes from the sun is an important part of eye care, so a pair of quality sunglasses are not just a fashionable accessory but can help you keep your eyes healthy. 


We understand that a good pair of spectacle lenses can be life-changing.


We source the best lenses available using the latest materials and techniques to create crystal clear vision. Our spectacle lenses also come in a variety of finishes and types. Let our team of professionals help you choose the perfect lenses to complete your look.

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