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Contact lenses offer a new perspective and lifestyle that many people prefer to glasses. With the wide variety of contact lenses available, finding the right ones for you can seem like a difficult task. Our personalised service is designed to make it easy for you with our optometrists making sure you get the best vision and comfort possible out of your contact lenses.  


A contact lens assessment is where we check if you are eligible for contact lenses and through a series of tests determine which type of lenses will be best for you. Most people are eligible and we can accommodate many different types of vision and eye conditions.


The assessment is also a good opportunity for you to chat with an optometrist with years of experience who can clarify anything you’re not sure about. 

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There are a huge variety of contact lenses now available, so you can choose between rigid and soft lenses, how often you dispose of your lenses and what kind of material the lens is designed from.


Our optometrists will recommend contact lenses suited specifically for your eyes but will also explain the part of the selection process that is up to you. 


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  • Soft daily disposable lenses

  • Soft monthly/fortnightly lenses

  • Gas permeable lenses

  • Toric lenses for astigmatism

  • Multifocal lenses in disposable or monthly/fortnightly options     

Not every type of lens will be right for your prescription and lifestyle. Let our experienced optometrist guide you through what's best for you. 


Included in our contact lens selection are myopia control contact lenses for children and teens.


Myopia is a growing problem throughout the population and these contact lenses are scientifically proven to slow the development of myopia allowing children to maintain good vision.  

For more information about myopia and how we can help, visit our myopia care section.

myopia lenses

Part of getting a new set of contact lenses is following up with your optometrist to ensure they keep working for you.


Aftercare appointments involve a retesting of your eyes to check that your prescription is still correct and an overall reassessment of your eye health. This way we can confirm that the contacts are still working correctly with your eyes and giving you optimum vision and comfort. 

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