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As you know both of my children have been diagnosed with dyslexia and have subsequently been prescribed glasses with coloured lenses to help.

My son S has seen a marked improvement as a result of wearing his glasses.  As he needs his glasses for close work his vary focal lenses helped him in the class room situations so he did not have to keep taking his glasses off or having his glasses at the end of his nose.  Needless to say this has been very important for a teenage boy!

Overall he has been very satisfied with how his glasses have helped him. 

My daughter C's, dyslexia was diagnosed earlier than my sons and the impact her glasses have made to her has been amazing.  Examinations that she has taken at school have helped map the improvement her glasses have helped her make.  She is delighted with her glasses.



I thought you would be interested to know that P is getting on really well with her new coloured bi-focal's.

I think initially there was a little embarrassment with the coloured lenses but she has noticed such a difference that she seems to have got over this. She’s finding board and desk work much easier now so fingers crossed she’ll start to be able to get somewhere with her school work.



D has found having his specs extremely beneficial.  It helped us to turn the corner in terms of his reading, before his specs he would struggle to maintain his concentration on a book for more than a page, almost immediately after he had his specs he finished a complete chapter and soon after a book.  I cannot say how much it has helped him to develop his reading and concentration, without them he I'm sure he would have continued to struggle.



Dear Mrs Halsey,

I just wanted to express my thanks for the time and trouble you have taken with my daughter C. The fact that you took care to get the correct prescription for her was very important to us as she had experienced so many difficulties in school which were affecting her general health. As she had received very little help at school after her dyslexia diagnosis, despite many approaches, it was both refreshing and reassuring to find someone so supportive.

Her glasses with aqua tinted lenses have "changed her world" (C's words not mine!) When she first put on her glasses and found she could read text clearly her face lit up! The world around her has become much clearer and she is now able to read longer pieces of text far more easily and quickly. This has not only helped her school work to improve but also her general physical and mental health enabling her to become more independent and less stressed.



We are writing to let you know what a difference this has made to her (E’s) life. 

We had been concerned about E's eyesight for some considerable time and, in the preceding 18 months, had visited two other opticians who both informed us that she did not require glasses.  Her difficulties were only finally recognised when she completed the School Vision test with you.

Before this, E struggled to read pages of text and suffered from regular headaches.  As she is now 10 years old, longer pieces of work with smaller text were becoming the norm at school and she was falling behind.  She was placed in booster groups at school for both English and Maths.

A very different future now awaits E in her secondary education, and we would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks.



N's glasses have made a tremendous difference to her life. She can read set text far quicker wearing them and what she reads is accurate. When not wearing her glasses she substitutes words and adds words in changing the meaning of the sentence or instruction. When she puts on her glasses she immediately reads it accurately.

She is not as tired and has lost the glazed look she habitually wore after school.

Because of this she has made great progress at school over the last few months and her self confidence has increased. This has also been noted by the school.



I can't thank you enough for all you've done for her (A). She's done so well in her GCSEs and AS exams and now has 5 offers to read English at uni - who'd have thought that a few years back when she was struggling to get through a book!



Firstly, I would like to thank you again for your time today.  I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for A, he has improved so much since we last saw you six months ago, his reading has come on from a little boy who was below average he is now flying.  He was a little boy who laid in his bed crying every morning and not wanting to go to school, now he gets up and ready to go like any other little boy his age and is reading a book a week, not only has his school work  improved greatly but he has become so much more confident in himself.

Please carry on doing what you are doing for other children