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Stay Safe in the Snow

By on 2016-01-18

The ski season is finally here and no doubt some of you snow lovers are counting down the days until you can put on your skis or jump onto your board.  But before you slalom down the slopes, there’s a few precautions you need to take in order to protect yourself from a dangerous combination of sun and snow. 

Being out and about on the mountains, where the air is that much cooler, can lead to a false sense of security. This can leave you at risk of sunburn and ultima...   Read More

Why is Having an Eye Test so Important?

By on 2015-05-26

Booking yourself in for an eye test can often feel like a chore. Many will put an eye test off for months, persuading themselves that the reoccurring headache that they’ve been having is just down to tiredness.

An eye examination is about more than simply getting a new pair of glasses. This vital health check can identify a number of eye diseases in the early stages, such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma, which is preventable and can cause blindness. Eye tests ...   Read More